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Maskell Podcasting Network

Oct 19, 2015

Episode 111 of The Maskell Sessions features topics including the Toronto Blue Jays advancing to the ALCS, a baby getting sprayed with beer during the game, three young girls who died on a farm, Playboy magazine going non-nude, a woman firing shots at Home Depot shoplifters, the wrong kind of gun oil discovered at Wal-Mart, Lamar Odom and taking sexual performance enhancing drugs. Also discussed on the show, Edward Snowden volunteering to go to prison in the States, Paul Walkers daughter suing Porsche, comments made about sorority girls attending a baseball game, selfies and sexism, the first Muslim model to wear a hijab, Jocktober, my issues with hacky DJ Bill Hendrick AKA Billy Kidd from Rochester, New York on 92.5 WBEE, his awful radio program and a picture of infamous outlaw Billy The Kid worth 5 million dollars. Please subscribe to the Maskell Podcasting Network on iTunes, rate and review the network, like The Maskell Sessions on Facebook, and follow me on Twitter at @Maskell91. Check out Stitcher and MASKELL.TV for all the podcasts, and to see how you can help support my network.