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Maskell Podcasting Network

Jul 27, 2012

The second episode of Chronicles on Queen with Nick H-K and Maskell, recorded at our home on Queen Street in downtown Hamilton, Ontario.  On this episode, topics include the Batman shootings at the movie theatre in Aurora, Colorado, the Dark Knight Rises, movie previews, Nick’s only time getting arrested, prom, the closure of medical marijuana dispensaries in LA, theft of bikes, watches, and how a 14 year old purchased liquor at an LCBO in a burka. Please subscribe to the Marcone/Maskell Podcasting Network on iTunes and follow us on Twitter at @itspersonalnick and @Maskell91. Plus go to the Harvey D show this Saturday night July 28th at Rancho Relaxo at College & Spadina, past the market in Toronto, ON. Check it out, going to be a great show! The song used for this episode is R U Mine by the Artic Monkeys.