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Maskell Podcasting Network

Jun 23, 2017

Great guest on this episode of my show as comedian, actor, author and host of “In Hot Water”, Aaron Berg calls in! Aaron and I discuss Anthony Cumia providing opportunities at Compound Media, the guests of “In Hot Water”, not apologizing, political correctness, comedy clubs, the Toronto comedy scene, Aaron’s time as a male stripper, his honours degree in philosophy and moving to New York. We also touch on how he began working with Geno Bisconte, starting “In Hot Water”, Compound Media, giving people the opportunity to criticize the show, that faggot from Redbar, Aaron’s broadcast style, 24 Hour Rental, his acting experience, writing two books and roast battles. Follow Aaron on Twitter at @aaronbergcomedy, like his Facebook page @aaronbergcomedy, and visit his website Aaron has links for both of his books, “Mr. Manners: Proper Etiquette for the Modern Degenerate” and, “American Etiquette: Failing Upwardly In A Fox News Nation” available on his site as well as a link for his CD, “Comedy Coltrane.” Please subscribe to the Maskell Podcasting Network on iTunes, rate and review the network, like The Maskell Sessions and Maskell Podcasting Network on Facebook, and follow me on Twitter at @Maskell91. Check out Podbay, Stitcher and MASKELL.TV for all the podcasts, and to see how you can help support my network.