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Maskell Podcasting Network

Apr 17, 2015

Episode 75 of The Maskell Sessions features topics including the 2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs, a hockey brawl caught on video, Cuba being removed from the State Sponsors of Terrorism list, Aaron Hernandez guilty of murder, Ebola staying in victims longer than previously thought and false allegations inspired by Law and Order SVU.  I also touch on the Eat Sleep Rape Repeat shirt, a mother who dangled her son over a cheetah exhibit at a zoo, the upcoming Bruce Jenner interview, My Big Fat Fabulous Life and the real life Quidditch World Cup. Please subscribe to the Maskell Podcasting Network on iTunes, rate and review the network, and follow me on Twitter at @Maskell91. Check out MASKELL.TV for all the podcasts and to see how you can help support my network.