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Maskell Podcasting Network

Nov 2, 2020

I start off with an update on what I have been up to before discussing flu shots, COVID fatigue, purchasing a gas mask to be able to breath comfortably, the second Borat film, Donald Trump appointing a new Supreme Court judge being backed up by comments from Obama in 2016, the Trump vs. Biden debates, Hunter Biden, Joe’s connections to his son’s business dealings, the mental derangement of the extreme left, I beat the fuck out of Cher’s song “Happiness Is Just A Thing Called Joe,” why Donald Trump will win this election (is ANYONE actually excited about Joe?), my suspicions of Joe having Alzheimer’s, dementia or some other mental disorder; Kamala Harris claiming Tupac is her favourite living rapper and the endless mistakes and fuckups made by Sleepy Joe while on the campaign trail. Please subscribe to the Maskell Podcasting Network on iTunes, rate and review the network, like The Maskell Sessions and Maskell Podcasting Network on Facebook, and follow me on Twitter at @Maskell91. Check out Podbay, Stitcher and MASKELL.TV for all the podcasts!