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Maskell Podcasting Network

Oct 31, 2012

Chronicles on Queen with Nick H-K and Maskell, recorded at our home on Queen Street in downtown Hamilton, Ontario. On Episode 8, we have our first female guest, Nick’s girlfriend, the lovely and talented Alex. On this podcast, we’re talking about Alex’s trip to Spain including an incident with a guy holding a machete, action movies, a story about Jean-Claude Van Damme pissing all over an airplane bathroom, DEATHSQUAD TORONTO 2012, the Joe Rogan comedy show, my grandfather’s recent passing, teaching, the current education system, Alex’s funny story about death, great concerts we’ve seen, Alex breaking a chick’s nose, the word Cunt, and Marijuana and your brain. Please subscribe to the Marcone/Maskell Podcasting Network on iTunes and follow us on twitter at @itspersonalnick and @Maskell91. MASKELL.TV