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Maskell Podcasting Network

Aug 4, 2017

I begin the show by discussing how cat shit is quite possibly one of the worst smells in existence before getting to the CBC announcing four new hosts for The National, evolution of news and storytelling, how awful the news industry currently is, the interrogation of a Montreal software developer and TVAddons founder, piracy and the potential downfall of “free TV”. Also on the show; I take a look at self-proclaimed “big baller” LaVar Ball, the Big Baller Brand, various clips of Ball being a jerkoff are played, his claim of being better than Michael Jordan and how soon no one will give a fuck about him; some great lines from Prince Philip over his career, 12 prisoners escaping a jail by using peanut butter, a news clip demonstrating a cousin’s “love” for another, a former crack head who now gets high on Jesus (along with “legal” fragrances and oils), NASA seeking a planetary protection officer to protect Earth from aliens and I watch/bash a parody video, “All the Bowling Ladies”. Please subscribe to the Maskell Podcasting Network on iTunes, rate and review the network, like The Maskell Sessions and Maskell Podcasting Network on Facebook, and follow me on Twitter at @Maskell91. Check out Podbay, Stitcher and MASKELL.TV for all the podcasts, and to see how you can help support my network.